We have 3 styles to choose from, each necklace is hand filled and assembled here in the U.S. by me and my sisters. Using the original, glittering, magic filled Mermaid Sand – comes already strung on ribbon or cord.

When you wear yours, we ask that you help us spread the word that there is goodness and help everywhere in this world!

All the best, Marjorie
mermaid jewelry, grandaughter gifts

Wear your Mermaid Sand necklaces together!


For those with the a contemporary flair we have the modern design necklace. The simple, hand blown glass, Mermaid Sand filled vial is perfect for those that like beauty and simplicity combined.

mermaid jewelry vial

Modern hand blown glass necklace filled with Mermaid Sand









Do you have a love of dolphins? Now you can have your own Mermaid Sand filled reminder of the freedom and beauty of one of the most fascinating creatures to swim our seas.


mermaid jewelry, dolphin jewelry

Mermaid Sand filled dolphin necklace

Our fun, frolicking fish has beautiful blue highlights on fin and face. Filled with glittering Mermaid Sand and stoppered with cork, topped with shining ball, who wouldn’t smile through the day wearing one of these?
Mermaid jewelry

Mermaid sand filled blue finned fish necklace



$12 each

Jewelry Styles

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